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My name is Ely Spivack.

I have been taking photos and shooting video for many years. As a still photographer, my work has been used by Afropop Worldwide and New York area colleges. With my strong knowledge of architectural photography/videography as well as post processing skills, I can help you sell, rent, and promote your residential and commercial properties here on Maui.

Ely Spivack

Fine Living Photo provides clients with quality images and video that showcases your beautiful home and maximizes your earnings potential.

I began to shoot video professionally in 1988, working with many dance companies, and industrial production companies in New York City.  As a still photographer, my images have appeared in sales materials, brochures, and newspapers, including the Maui News and Maui Time weekly.

Since my permanent relocation to Maui in January 2018, I am now full‐time producing photos and walk-through videos for the Maui real estate industry, with photos in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and brochures to assist in the sale of residential properties.


To get a sense of my image making skills, please enjoy this small scrapbook of my videos and photos.

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“I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Ely Spivack for any real estate photo shoot you may need high quality professional photos for.  He was very easy to work with and very diligent, hard working, and energetic with a thoroughly positive attitude through out the process, to get to get the best shot. Please consider contacting Ely Spivack for your real estate photo needs.”

Maria N. Isotov, Realtor Broker

As Director/Producer I worked with Ely for over 10 years as my main videographer. He travelled to Indian reservations, rodeos, the “North Pole” (NY), among other locations to capture live events, interviews and scripted stories. He is reliable, skilled, creative, resourceful and fun to work with. Plus he’s agile enough to get those difficult shots! It’s a pleasure to work with someone who contributes to the creative vision as well as being a wonderful being with whom to interact and do business.

Jeanne Suggs

Dance Spotlight employed Ely Spivack as a principal videographer to document dance companies and pioneers in the world of dance for many years. He was instrumental in the production of our highly acclaimed Lester Horton Technique Intermediate and Advanced Level Instructional DVDs. These videos are used by students and professional dancers all over the world, and featured many dancers from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. I found Ely to be a team player, highly professional, and gifted as a creative and positive person.

Babette Coffey Fisch, Dance Spotlight