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I price the value of my work differently from other photographers/videographers. Accordingly, my work is divided between the actual day of the shoot and the processing of the photos/video, see below:


I charge an hourly rate of $50/hr, package prices are available too.  This allows for the variety of properties we have on the island, from studios and one bedroom condos to multi-bedroom estates with distinct ocean and mountain views. 

The product of the shoot day(s) provides the client with minimally edited proofs up to 700K resolution within 48 hours (unless otherwise noted).  The preliminary edit will provide basic cropping, white balance, and angular aberration corrections, i.e. vertical and horizontal lines will be maintained. All of the proofs will be watermarked with our Fine Living Photo logo.  The quality of these photos will be more than acceptable for the client to decide as to which photos she/he would like to purchase after the final edit.  Payment for the shoot day(s) is made upon delivery of proofs. 

For videography, i.e. virtual tours, the flat rate for shoot day and edit day work is $50/hr.


Each of the client selected photos for processing will be edited to present the property at it highest potential for sale/rent/lease.  Each photo selected is priced at $20 per image.   All photographs are the copyright of Fine Living Photo.  The post processing turnaround time is 48 hours (unless otherwise noted).  Payment for the photos is upon delivery. 

It is my mission to offer property owners and realtors decent pricing for a selection of hand-picked photo options and/or videos.


If you don’t see the answer you were looking for please send me an email with your question.

I will respond as soon ASAP.

You may cancel or reschedule the shoot no less than 24 hours in advance.  I understand the stress of obtaining a listing, working with owners and tenants, and trying to get the property ready for the shoot.  It is essential that the broker has the listing prior to making the appointment.

Most home buyers begin their search online, so the listing photos must make a great impression and pop!  If the home is vacant, staging definitely helps in the sale and is well worth the investment.  Businesses that stage properties can be found online or feel free to visit the Realtors Association of Maui Affiliate listings, search under “Home Staging” see:  https://www.ramaui.com/membership/affiliate-services/  You can always ask me for contacts as well.

The majority of home buyers will begin their search with online listings, therefore the best first impression is essential!  Generally speaking, the following should be adhered to:

  1. The house should be clean, carpets vacuumed, hardwood floors mopped, countertops and windows cleaned as well.
  2. For the shoot, all overhead lights and lamps in the room should be on.  There should be no “burned out” light bulbs.
  3. Ceiling fans should be “off”.
  4. All TVs and computer screens should be “off”
  5. Window blinds/curtains should be open to allow natural light.
  6. Personal photographs should be removed.
  7. Shoes/jackets/toys should be stored in closets.
  8. Make all beds.

For the best “curb appeal” here are tips for preparing the front exterior of your home:

  1.  Garage doors must be closed.
  2.  Remove cars from driveway.
  3.  Clean up landscaping, the lawn should be mowed, shrubs trimmed.
  4.  Remove empty planters, hoses, toys, sports equipment.
  5.  Use broom to remove cobwebs from door frames and eaves.

and for the backyard:

  1.  Clean porch, lanai, tidy up any outdoor furniture and cushions.
  2.  Cushions should be fresh and not faded.
  3.  Clean pool, remove vacuum/cleaner hose and pool cleaning supplies.
  4.  Turn on pool fountains/water features.
  5. Remove visible water hoses and trash cans.

Interior photos of your home should promote a welcoming environment, and show off the care and attention to detail that a potential buyer can understand.  Here are some very useful tips:


  1.  Countertops should be clean, there should be no knife blocks, baking supplies, mail, keys, etc.
  2.  No more than 1 small appliance should be present (example, coffee maker).
  3.  There should be no personal items or magnets on the outside of the refrigerator.
  4.  Garbage cans should be removed, there should be no dishes left in the sink.

Dining Room:

  1. Table tops should be cleared, dusted and/or polished.
  2. Use decorative place settings, a centerpiece or flowers is a must.
  3. All chairs should be straightened and evenly spaced.
  4. Remove child seats/booster chairs.

Living/Family Rooms:

  1. Remove papers such as magazines, newspapers, mail.
  2. Declutter fireplace mantel/hearth.
  3. clean interior of fireplace.
  4. Fluff and arrange furniture pillows.
  5. Remove toys.


  1. Bed must be made, include decorative pillow/shams if available.
  2. clear nightstands of personal items.
  3. store all charging devices for phones/tablets.
  4. Remove clutter from tops of dressers.
  5. Remove/replace family photos from walls.
  6. Clean under bed removing items that may show in the photos.

Children’s bedrooms:

  1. Remove personalized names from walls.
  2. Remove wall stickers/posters.
  3. Remove diaper genies.
  4. Clean under the bed, removing items that may a show in the photos.


  1. Clear countertops completely, no soap, toothbrushes, medications, deodorant, etc.
  2. Put toilet seats down.
  3. Remove shampoo, soap, loofah(s), etc. from showers and tubs.
  4. Remove dirty towels, leave out only new unused towels.


  1. Place food and water bowls in pantry or closet.
  2. Place pet beds/toys in pantry or closet.
  3. Use lint roller on furniture to remove pet hair.
  4. Humanely contain pets in hidden crate or outside.
  5. Clear back yard of pet waste/toys.
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No request is too big or too small for me. Allow me to make your property listing perfect.